Dad Is A Little Crazier Than You Are
January 27, 2017
Dad Is A Little Crazier Than You Are

Dear Dr. Laura,

I thought you may enjoy this story.  My husband is a very mild mannered, likable, funny, and goofy Dad. Yet he is definitely the leader of our family and the alpha Dad needed to raise our son.

My daughter, was suffering from an injury and on crutches. My son became frustrated with her. I truly do not remember why, but he kicked one crutch out from under her. She feel to the floor, more startled than hurt. My husband took my son and held him up, eye to eye with him and almost nose to nose, then expressed in a voice so calm it was eerie how this behavior would never be tolerated.

I knew my son was scared, but I also knew my husband would never hurt him, so I left the room and let Dad handle this. A few minutes later my husband walked downstairs muttering to himself... "society depends on 'Junior' knowing Dad is a little bit crazier than he is"...

I still chuckle when I think of this, as I do not think my husband was aware he said it out loud. Thanks for letting me share! 

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