August 11, 2010
It's Too Much Work NOT to be my Husband's Girlfriend
IconDear Dr. Laura, I want to thank you for teaching me to be my husband's girlfriend. I share a lot of your wisdom with my friends. They say it all sounds like a lot of "work". I hear women call you saying the same thing. I'm a stay at home mom of two kids. I treat my husband like a king. I iron his clothes. I get cute for when he comes home. Dinner is always on the table soon after he gets home. If he has to work late or go on a business trip he gets no grief from me. From November to April of this past year he was away for a few days every other week for work. Did I complain? Nope. I just made sure he was happy to come home. What I get in return is beyond measure. Today is Father's Day. Our dishwasher died. My husband went out and bought a new one. Picked it up in his truck and got on the floor and installed it WITH BROKEN RIBS from an accident last weekend just so I wouldn't have to hand wash dishes while I waited for the store to be able to deliver and install the new dishwasher. He did this on Father's Day! This is a man. I get a cup of coffee made for me every morning. He always gets a nice cup of tea from me after supper. Yesterday his brothers wanted to play golf with him. He said no, he'd rather hang out with me and the kids but we'd meet them for a BBQ later. When were heading to the BBQ I told him to cut loose and have fun with his brothers and I would be the designated driver. It's a beautiful back and forth flow of kindness. Last week he decided that he had been out of town so much for work that I deserved a reward. He booked a three week trip to Hawaii for our family with all the frequent flier miles he earned traveling. My husband has a demanding job. But he isn't one of those workaholics. He uses every single minute of his vacation time. I like to think that's in large part because I'm his girlfriend and am fun to be with. The way I look at it, it would be way too much work to NOT be my husband's girlfriend. I'd probably be washing dishes right now! J.

Posted by Staff at 12:53 AM