August 10, 2010
Someone ACTUALLY Made a Checklist!
IconDr. Laura, you are my moral compass and because of you I have made wise choices for my life. I have a wonderful husband who would swim through shark infested waters to bring me lemonade and two of the greatest kids ever. Life couldn't be sweeter than the daily moments I have with my kids. We not wealthy on a single income, but our family couldn't be richer in happiness and love. In my Parents magazine (June's issue) I read an article that is both sad and disturbing. It is the scary summer story of leaving a child in the hot car because they were too busy to remember the child in the backseat. Sad - YES!!!! But here is where the disturbing part comes in. There is a How to Avoid a Hot Car Tragedy checklist in the article. REALLLLY????? Now I might need a checklist for packing on a vacation or something, but I sure as heck don't need a checklist to remind me that my child is in the backseat of my car. Here it is: Always put your cell phone, purse, briefcase, and anything else you'll need that day on the floor of the backseat. (it ACTUALLY says the next part) When you retrieve it at the end of the ride, you'll notice your child. Seat your younger (or quieter) child behind the front passenger seat, where he's most likely to catch your eye. Keep a teddy bear or other stuffed animal in the car seat when it's empty. When you put your child in the seat, move the animal to the front passenger seat, to remind you that your baby's on board. Ask your child's babysitter or daycare provider to always phone you promptly if your child isn't dropped off as scheduled. Make a habit of always opening the back door of your car after you park, to check that there is no kid back there. Never assume someone else- a spouse or older child- has taken a younger kid out of her seat. Invest in a device to help you remember small passengers. The Cars-N-Kids monitor plays a lullaby when the car stops and a child is in the seat. The ChildMinder System sounds an alarm if you walk away and leave your child in the seat. Put visual cues in your office and home reminding you to check the car seat. I've added a few of my own items for a checklist: Quit your job and stay home with your kids!!! Give lots of kisses and hugs to your kids throughout the day! Tickles, squeezes, and raspberries on the tummy are a daily must!! Be thankful you even have kids (There are many people out there who cannot)! NEVER be too busy for your kids!!!! You help so many people that you're not even aware of, thank you for all that you do! Because of YOU Dr. Laura, I'm NEVER TO BUSY for my kids or husband!!! T.

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