August 9, 2010
IconDear Dr. Laura, I recently heard your commentary on Sandbagging. I am a StreamLink subscriber so I listened to it several times and took notes! I was sandbagged by my boss after three years of employment during a performance review. He brought up a plethora of little grievances that spanned 3 years. I sat there, completely bewildered because I thought this man liked me and enjoyed me being a part of his office. Some of the things he hit me with were so petty I had no idea how to respond! I went home CRUSHED. I felt like my years there and dedication meant nothing to him. All I knew was that as soon as I could, I would leave that job because our meeting was that damaging. Nothing was ever the same between us. I tried to do my best work for my remaining few months but I was always watching my back waiting for a stray sandbag to pelt me. Our relationship was destroyed, I was hurt, angry and COMPLETELY humiliated. I needed to hear your commentary to help me make sense of that situation! I finally realize it wasn't completely my fault. I believe he was trying to take me down a notch, hurt me, and possibly cover up his own indiscretions as to why our team wasn't functioning. Thanks for all your wonderful insight and wisdom Dr. Laura...listening to you makes me a better person every day! Sincerely, S.

Posted by Staff at 11:10 PM