June 17, 2010
Being a Part of Doing the Right Thing
IconHi Dr. Laura, I spoke with you about attending court with my father at my cousin's prosecution for robbery, and I want to thank you for your wisdom and help which you shared with me. I have listened to you since age 6 with my mother, and I felt I needed your reassurance when the closest people in my life, including my mother, were discouraging my supporting my dad. I spoke to my father, mother, and brothers last night and revealed to them my phone call with you and what you said. I reminded them Dad was doing the right thing and being concerned with political correctness, even if it is family we are going against, even if creating a permanent division with them is what supporting Dad means, it is ultimately the right thing to do and I wanted to be a part of doing the right thing. Good news now the whole family is going with my Dad to court to support his decision! Thank you for helping to bring my family together and for helping me strive to be the best person I can be every day. G.

Posted by Staff at 8:30 PM