June 17, 2010
What Matters Most Is Never Easy...
IconYears ago, I called you, saying I was debating moving about 5 hours drive away from my elderly mother, to an area with far more sunshine (I get depressed from the cloudy weather where I live). You reminded me that I had an obligation to continue visiting my mother and helping her out with various chores, regardless of my individual preferences. Long story short-I stayed, and continued seeing my mom regularly, and I am so glad that I did. Because I remained in the same city where she lived, I was there for her: when she fell and was hospitalized when she needed to leave her beloved home and live in a nursing home when she was dying? and it was an honor to wipe her brow, add moisture to her dry mouth, smile and tell her we loved her, that God, and her parents and favorite sister were waiting for her in heaven. This woman was there for me when I was a child, throwing up all night, to put a cold cloth on my forehead, smile, tell me stories. I will be lucky if I can become anything like her in my future life. Thank you for reminding me that what matters most is never easy, but always worth it. Bless you, Louise

Posted by Staff at 8:21 PM