Where Are the Real Men?
January 30, 2012
Where Are the Real Men?
I want to write about how there are no men. (Well, there aren't no men, there are just few men). And a lot of women don't even like real men; they like feminized men - - especially if they're gay. That's even better. And many women marry mama's boys because they don't want a real man. Then they get shocked when his mother can push him around better than they can. Well... his mother has had a lot more practice -- his whole life.

Betsy Hart, one of my favorite writers, recently wrote a great article about this topic. She begins:

Whatever happened to men? That's a common question today, being asked by social commentators, parents and single women everywhere. They are lamenting young men's shrinking status in academia, the workplace and, maybe especially, marriage....

She goes on to say:

...it's simply the case that too often today's males are living up to the low expectations the culture has for them.

This is true particularly since feminism arose with the attitude of "we don't need men." Gloria Steinem said: "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle". That was feminism. It rarely had anything to do with equal pay for equal jobs. It had to do with hating being a wife... hating being a mother... and hating men. That's what feminism primarily has always been about. Don't kid yourself.

Betsy Hart goes on to quote from Bill Bennett's new book: The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood. In it, there's an essay by:

David Gelernter, the renowned Yale computer-sciences professor who was injured in an attack by the Unabomber[. He] talks about how he is bringing up his own sons against the culture. He writes that 'a man's role in respect to women is to protect, to help, to support, to cherish as opposed to consume. We are a consumer society and the number one consumption is that of women.'

...Families need to teach young men what it means to be responsible, to work hard and to be prepared to someday get married and care for a wife and children....

I would argue that we also might teach our daughters to respect men. Real men, not the men concocted for treacly romantic comedies. And to respect themselves enough to wait for that man in every sense of that word.

Please take the time to read Betsy Hart's entire article: Lamenting the Demise of Manliness in America

And then my staff got me information on traits of real men and I want to share this article with you. It's from the blogger MochaDad:

Men were made to be bold, strong leaders. However, our society has attempted to repress these traits. (Sidebar: Look what happens in schools with little boys and girls. Schools are organized for little girls who can sit quietly and sweetly with their hands folded at the desk. Of course I was never one of those little girls, but generally speaking the schools were. And the little boys? Well, we say they have ADD and we drug them so they'll sit like little girls with their hands folded sweetly.) If you look at the way men (especially dads) are portrayed on TV, you'd think we were all a bunch of irresponsible, befuddled, nincompoops, who can only function with the help of a "smart" female partner, friend, or spouse.

He titles his blog: The 7 Traits of Real Men. Women -- I want you to read them because this is the guy you should look for. Men -- I want you to read them so you can stop being weenies and take back your masculinity, your parts, your giblets -- if you get my drift. I can't believe how many women who have called my show over the years who I've told they should have married another woman because the traits they wanted in their husband are not masculine.

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