I Wish I Could Do More
February 1, 2017
I Wish I Could Do More

I just wanted to thank you and yours for putting on your Valentine's Day Boutique. I purchased from the boutique last year and again this year. As I was sitting in the hospital lobby waiting for my hubby to have a procedure, I scrolled through the jewelry.....I was thinking that I probably shouldn't be buying myself anything in this price range.

Then I realized how blessed I am to have a comfortable life. We have what we need in our humble abode. I still have my sweet hubby after 11 years of difficult medical problems. Not many people could overcome the obstacles this man has but boy he just persists and continues to live life as best he can and still make sure I am taken care of. He is a MAN. So it was my pleasure to purchase the beautiful Dear Heart VIII.

I know that the money will help some veteran who has given so much of themselves for me and my family. I only wish I could give more. Bless you and all you do.

P.S. I listen to your podcast EVERY DAY at work.

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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM