6 Questions to Determine if You're in the Right Relationship
July 13, 2017
6 Questions to Determine if You're in the Right Relationship

It astounds me how many of my callers are basically dating a red flag with feet attached and can’t see the warning signs. Here are 6 questions to determine if you’re in the right relationship:

  1. Are your friends and family telling you to get out? Don’t ignore them because you think you know better.

  2. Would you want this kind of relationship for your future kids? If the answer is no, then why are you dating this person? It’s amazing how much clarity you can have when you ask yourself this simple question.

  3. When they mess up, do they own it? You shouldn’t have to force an apology out of someone.

  4. Do they have compassion for others? There’s a difference between having opinions and simply being judgmental.

  5. Do you have a lot in common? Do you have similar ideas about family and dreams for the future? If not, there’s little chance that your relationship will survive.

  6. Do they make you happy to be alive and in a relationship with them? Does being with them bring you happiness and contentment, or stress, anxiety, fear, and insecurity?

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