First There Is a Mountain!
December 5, 2011
First There Is a Mountain!

While listening recently, I heard the song, "First There Is a Mountain" after a commercial break. You asked Efim the significance and he said he played it because you had been doing mountain climber stomach exercises during the break. I made a different connection because of the last caller you spoke to before the break.

That caller talked to you about her successful weight loss, and her regaining 5 lbs during a stressful period. You told her to let it go and get back to treating herself well (I am paraphrasing of course).

When I heard the line in the song, "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is," made me think of a challenge that seems insurmountable until we decide to make the effort. The mountain seems to disappear when everything is going according to our plans. Then when something else comes along to add to our already full plate, we can start to feel overwhelmed again, and that insurmountable mountain reappears.

So many years ago, I lost a lot of weight myself, and like your caller I felt wonderful - on top of my game, and on top of the world. Then I had a particularly challenging year with a lot of personal changes and added responsibility, and taking care of me fell by the wayside. I am back at square one.

I believed my race was run and I didn't have another one in me, but I feel inspired by your caller and Efim's choice of that song. I am going to start moving that mountain again until it disappears. And the next time it appears, I will not stop treating myself well.

Thanks for being there, and thanks Efim!


Posted by Staff at 3:51 PM