Having It All Together!
June 18, 2013
Having It All Together!

Recently, a caller told you she was jealous of a woman she knew who seemed to have it all together.  You told her to tell the woman nicely that she saw her in that way, and then just sit back and see how she responded.

Years ago, I was dropping off one of my children at kindergarten and the teacher stopped me and said, "I really admire you, you have so much going all the time and you always seem to have everything together.  I wish I could say the same for myself."

I stopped, laughed and hugged her.  I said, "See this?" slipping off my shoe. "I almost left the house in one black shoe and one brown shoe.  When I ran back in to find a match to my brown shoe, I noticed a run in my pantyhose which I stopped with this hot pink fingernail polish.  Hopefully, it will last all day.  Also, when I was getting the kids into their car seats to come to school, I caught the hem of my skirt on something in the car and ripped out about 6 inches of the hem."  I turned up my skirt to show her. "I fixed that with scotch tape until I can scrounge around for some safety pins!  Just because I look like I have it all together doesn't mean I don't have things that are falling apart.  I am just like the proverbial duck, calm on the surface and paddling like hell underneath!"

We had a great laugh and became closer friends immediately!!



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