'This Is Your Life'
January 29, 2016
'This Is Your Life'

Hi Dr. Laura,

I caught some of your show yesterday and I felt as if it was on "This Is Your Life"! It seemed as if every call applied to me, personally! I wanted to say that you, as usual, answered each of these particular calls dead-on!

My mom dragged my sisters and I through 10 years of discord with our father; forcing us to treat him terribly for no good reason. You're were so right - it caused us all to have serious "man" issues. Never once, has she accepted any responsibility for her part in the demise of their marriage. This was no example at all of a good wife, for me to try to emulate.

Thanks for the personalized show yesterday, it was uncanny, yet refreshing to see how many of our experiences are so similar!

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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM