Nothing Prepares A Mother For Testosterone
January 19, 2017
Nothing Prepares A Mother For Testosterone

Dr. Laura:

I have two boys, ages 15 and 18, and I'm glad I married an alpha male, because he is really raising our boys into men.  

Nothing prepares a mother for the surge and impact of testosterone on their once loving, compliant little boys.  Their physical strength, verbal hostility and drive to take risks has often been more than I can successfully handle.  My husband, however, has always been there to hold the line, make them accountable and accept no excuses when the rules have been challenged.  

But I found I DO have a role - raising a boy into a man requires me to role model behavior that requires respect for women, displaying and elevating feminine qualities that are to be treated with awe and admiration.  

When parents don't take their own roles seriously, young men today face even more challenges.  A father who is present, invested in them and respected, along with a mother who supports him, will be well equipped for what lies ahead!


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