Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love My Kids
September 6, 2012
Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love My Kids

Hi Dr. Laura,

Today, I overheard a conversation in the office kitchen where two persons were sharing stories about what they had done during the weekend. One person mentioned she had fun with her kids; however, she would rather be in the office since it is "more relaxing.” The other person agreed with her statement and said, "Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but I would also prefer to be at work than staying home with them."

I used to think that their financial situation is what drove them to work. After I heard their conversation, I realize that becoming a stay-at-home mom is not a choice about whether you can financially support your family or not, but it is about love and sacrifice.

I have more respect now for my stay-at-home wife than before.  Raising our 3-year-old daughter is not easy. I hope I'm not being too harsh, but I realize now that only the bravest and the most unselfish person can have the title of a stay-at-home MOM.



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