Learning By Negative Example
April 6, 2017
Learning By Negative Example

Dr. Laura,

Strangely, I think my parents taught me compassion by being the opposite example. I write you this because I wish people could see how we can turn adversity into something positive.

My parents fought viciously every day, never showed affection toward each other. 'Never' is not an exaggeration. My mother would often scream at me, she was very impatient and always angry. I think I learned to have compassion for others because of how much I suffered in that environment. I didn't want others to suffer the way I did.

I feel so grateful to have this view of my unpleasant childhood because it helps so much for me to let go of anger and resentment. Thank you for all the advice you give to help us handle situations wisely - so that we're creating less chaos in our lives and the lives of others.

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM