Her Beautiful Scar
April 3, 2012
Her Beautiful Scar

Dear Dr Laura,
I'm writing in response to a call from "Jim" that I heard on my way home from work earlier this afternoon (April 2nd). I'm in a very similar situation and was interested to hear where his call was going. I was equally appalled as he revealed his dilemma: He couldn't have sex with his wife unless she covered her scarred breasts from surgeries with a t-shirt.  

My wife of almost 22 years was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer called DCIS one year ago. After 3 major surgeries, including a full mastectomy on the right side, I am happy to say we beat it. She did not have any reconstructive surgery. Every night when we go to bed and I see her beautiful scar, I thank God for mammograms, incredible doctors and my even more incredible wife. Words cannot express how much I love her, our 3 wonderful kids and the life we live, together.

Thank you for always inspiring us to do the right thing.

Most sincerely,


Posted by Staff at 4:18 PM