September 27, 2013


Hi Dr. Laura,

Wow, guess whose phone is ringing and whose email has lit up!! What a surprise. Since we listen to the podcast on Dr. Laura Family online, we didn't know you spoke about and our high-functioning autistic son, Matt. You were so elegant. I can't wait for Matt to hear it. He is painting now, his other passion, and then back to baking. In fact, our first mail order to Calif. from Cindy, a Dr. Laura listener, has ordered two gift baskets. Matt is doing SO well. Still a young start-up, his business is starting to take off. He has real grit! I love grit. He works hard and wants no handouts. He listens to your show regularly while he bakes and you ALWAYS make sense to him!!

Thanks again,


Posted by Staff at 10:01 AM