May 7, 2010
Shopping For Groceries
IconShopping For Groceries Jodie Lynn "Mom, can I push the cart?" "Can I do it this week mom -- you PROMISED!" "It's my turn -- nooooooooooooo...MOM!!!!!!!!!" With everyone's eyes glaring at you, you know THOSE eyes from the other 92 grocery store customers, (yeah, those eyes) -- you feel like disappearing. Does this scenario sound and feel familiar? Well, if it does, it's only just the beginning -- really, right as you step inside the door this fiasco begins. Right? This is especially nerve wrecking on work-at-home moms because you never get a break from the kids. Here are a few doable tips that might work for your crew: Tell them what behavior you expect and the consequences if they don't. Follow through on the consequences. If they begin to cry or throw a fit, leave the store and come home with nothing. Help them make a wish list and they can bring it into the store. Make your own list. Tell them you are going to buy only what is on your list because they are the things you need to make meals. Tell them you will buy one thing off of their wish list if their behavior is acceptable but do not use the word "promise." Don't give into whining. Let them help to add things to the cart. Make it a fun time by asking them to find an item -- this also helps them to learn to read. If they are old enough, let them bring a hand held calculator and add up the items -- this teaches math skills as well as responsibilities. Go early in the morning or late in the evening when crowds are smaller and you can spend a little more time asking and answering questions. If you are in a rush, leave them at home with dad, baby-sitter or friend. Remember, all moms are working moms and are the real CEOs in life. Check out my new Mommy,CEO totes, cups and T-shirts on the website and order yours today. They are beautiful, practical and washable. Come on moms -- tell and show the world who you are! Jodie Lynn is an internationally syndicated parenting/family columnist. Her latest paperback book is Mommy-CEO, revised edition, Martin-Ola Press . (It's not just for moms!) -- check out her new e-book, "Syndication Secrets" at for more details. We now have new Mommy, CEO merchandise and logo! copy:2004 Jodie Lynn. Permission granted for use on

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