May 7, 2010
Tips for At-Home Mothering Success
IconTips for At-Home Mothering Success Whether you are a seasoned at-home mother, or contemplating this choice, here are a few key tips to help ensure that at-home mothering is a positive experience for you and your family. Communicate . Clear communication between you and your spouse is vital. You must both feel that this is the right choice for your family. Write out your reasons for choosing at-home mothering, and your priorities as a family. Discuss how the chores and childcare will be divided, how you#146;ll manage financially, how you#146;ll schedule time for yourselves and your marriage, and any other issues that are important to both of you. Create a support system . It is likely that past co-worker friends or those without children will not be able to relate to your lifestyle. Finding a new set of mothering friends will help you avoid isolation and loneliness. Nothing is more helpful than connecting with others who have the same concerns, frustrations and joys. Check bulletin boards at grocery stores, libraries, etc. for a playgroup or mother#146;s group in your area. If you can#146;t find one, start one yourself with mothers in your neighborhood. Making an effort to meet other at-home mothers is well worth it, and may lead to meaningful, life-long friendships. Re-evaluate family finances . Giving up a second income may not be as hard as you think. After subtracting childcare and other costs of working, such as wardrobe, commuting, convenience meals out, office gifts, etc., you may be surprised just how little you were actually bringing home. You may be able to make up the difference by carefully looking for ways to save. If you still can#146;t make ends meet, at-home contract work, or a small home business can bring in the income you need. An added bonus is that you may keep your skills up-to-date, have more adult interaction and higher self-esteem. Develop a sense of mission . With all the demands of mothering, its easy to get lost in the endless daily chores and details, and loose the big picture. Developing a #147;mission statement#148; and an #147;action plan#148; much like a business does, will help you: clarify your priorities and goals, make better parenting and financial decisions, see your progress and accomplishments, and allow you to let go of those things that are less important. Write down what you#146;d like to accomplish as a mother, wife and person. List concrete actions you could take. Schedule activities to begin to accomplish your goals. Most importantly, be flexible to allow for inevitable interruptions and the changing needs of your family. Remember your priorities . There will always be housework and a multitude of other demands on your time, energy and attention. Don#146;t forget that spending time with and caring for your children is your priority. Remind yourself daily that this is the course you have chosen . Bumps in the road are a little easier to handle if its a road we want to be on. copy; 1999 National Association of At-Home Mothers. All rights reserved. Permission granted for use on

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