May 7, 2010
The Trouble With Fat Kids
IconThe Trouble With Fat Kids Men's Health Magazine It's Halloween night, the last trick-or-treater's gone, you're staring at your kid's bulging bag of candy on the table. As you open the bag and begin to eye the treats hungrily, you askyourself: "Is there any chance some of this candy could actually be good for my kids?" "You bet!" says a special report in the November issue of MEN'S HEALTH magazine. Or at least let's say that you, as the parent, could use that candy to teach your kids a few things about nutrition and self-control... ...which would be a very good idea since kids in the US are quickly becoming overweight and obese at an almost-epidemic rate. Take a look around you...childhood obesity is a giant problem. In fact, here's some shocking statistics...just days before Halloween: ONE IN SEVEN U.S. KIDS IS OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE, a jump of 50% in 20 years. A KID'S RISK OF BECOMING OBESE DOUBLES FOR EVERY HOUR OF TV HE WATCHES...and the average kid watches 21 hours of TV a week. THE AVERAGE KID EATS ABOUT 1,900 CALORIES EVERY DAY...but their bodies only need 800-1,300. AND HERE'S THE KILLER: Fat kids grow up to be fat adults...and are at dramatically greater risk of succumbing to diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer and other diseases associated being overweight. DO STATISTICS LIKE THESE SCARE YOU? They should. BUT HERE'S THE STATISTIC THAT SHOULD SCARE YOU THE MOST: A kid's #1 role model when it comes to diet and healthy-eating are his parents... what you do next with your kid's bag of Halloween candy may determine whether he or she grows up to be healthy and fit, or fat and plagued with significant health problems for life. Because the rate at which kids in the U.S. are becoming overweight and obese is at a level that is almost-epidemic, Men's Health magazine is offering a special report on childhood obesity titled: " The Trouble with Fat Kids ". (Not all content in is endorsed by the Dr. Laura Program) This special report is stuffed full of tips and ideas on how you, as the parent, can take control of your family's weight and the future of their health. For more information on MEN'S HEALTH, go to . (Not all content in is endorsed by the Dr. Laura Program) Permission granted for use on

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