Raising Your Kids To Succeed In The REAL World
January 3, 2020
Raising Your Kids To Succeed In The REAL World

The point that parents miss a lot, is that they need to raise their kids to succeed in the REAL world.

  • When kids forget their homework on the kitchen table, let them live with the consequences. 
  • If they break a rule, let them bear the penalty. 
  • When kids want to have more freedom, teach them what the true cost of it is. 

An "F" on a project that was late or incomplete can be devastating to a teenager, and you help them learn from it, profit by it, and cope. It is a lot easier than being fired at 25 for missing a deadline.

We need to be more hands-on in what life requires of us, so our kids are successful adults. When they are in college, make sure that they are not failing and hiding it from you till it is too late.

Teach them about real life.

Posted by Staff at 1:59 AM