What to Do When You're No Longer Attracted to Your Spouse
March 20, 2017
What to Do When You're No Longer Attracted to Your Spouse

If you’re no longer attracted to your spouse, you may think your only option is to wait until the kids are up and out, and then leave. However, there are a few things you can do before you throw away everything you had:

  1. Take a look in the mirror.  As we get older, our bodies and appearances change. That’s life. Look in the mirror - it has happened to you too. You’re not the hottie you were either.

  2. Focus on the positive. Sometimes you’re simply focusing on all the wrong things. If you sit there all the time fixating on what’s negative, all you’re going to have in your head is negative stuff.

  3. Compliment. Compliments are the best way to motivate someone. For example, saying, “When you spiffed up on Saturday, you looked hot,” or, “You look fabulous in those jeans,” really motivates people.

  4. Make an effort to look nice. Most of the time when people are married for a while, they come home and get slobby. Why don’t both of you put on something comfortable but attractive instead of the same ill-fitting sweats?

  5. Touch. Touch their face, neck, arm, and back. I am furious when I see couples walking down the street not holding hands. Why am I furious? Because they are missing an opportunity to stay connected. If you have somebody, don’t take them for granted.

The bottom line is, it’s about what you can put into the situation that will change how attractive the other person seems.

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