Fork!...Not the OTHER Four Letter F-word!
November 26, 2012
Fork!...Not the OTHER Four Letter F-word!

Dr. Laura,

What has made me laugh the hardest in the last month are the antics of my two-year-old son, particularly his interpretation of the world around him and his love of being the center of attention (like most two-year-olds).

One of the funny moments that sticks out in my mind is when my son and I went out to lunch with my mother-in-law. At the restaurant we were teaching him what to call the silverware. We would hold up the spoon and say, "Spoon!" And he'd repeat it.

Well...this kind of backfired because when it came to learning what the fork was, it came out sounding like an entirely different four letter word that started with an F. He can't quite combine his O's and R's yet, but we'll work on it!

The waitress would walk by and he'd call out "Fork!" but, of course, everyone thought it was the OTHER word. She looked at us funny but after we explained it we were all near tears laughing.

It was interesting trying to explain that to my husband later on that night when my son suddenly screamed it out.

I love this stage in my son's the growth and I'll be sad the day when he's no longer so innocent, but until then (and after of course) we'll keep laughing it up!

Thanks Dr. Laura!


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