Positive Mother- Daughter-in-Law Relationships
April 7, 2014
Positive Mother- Daughter-in-Law Relationships


Hello Dr. Laura,
I have been listening to you for the past 15 years and enjoy your down to earth advice.
I have been married for 36 years to a wonderful man, we have four children. We started dating in high school - yup, high school sweethearts. My husband's mother accepted me from day one, treated me kindly, included me in everything and always made sure there was a gift under the tree at Christmas for me. As years went by, that one gift turned into the mother-lode of gifts equal to her kids!
I have learned so much from her. My parents were not very social and did not entertain whereas his parents thrived on entertaining. She taught me to be a great hostess! I have never heard a negative comment from her, ever. When my kids were little (two of the four have special needs) she was there for me whenever I needed her, but had a way of not overstepping her bounds. I admit, I didn't like the way she folded our clothes and that she was organizing my underwear drawer, but I never complained, ever!
She is quite elderly now and suffers from dementia. I drive 40 minutes each way to take her to doctor appointments, get groceries, whatever she needs. I do it gladly and with so much appreciation for all she has given me.
And now I have a new daughter-in-law of my own and believe me, she is welcomed in our home as if she is one of my own. I will never criticize her or be negative about her, ever! Of course, she makes that easy because my son knew how to choose wisely.
So I just wanted to give you a positive story about having and being a mother-in-law! And yes, there was a mother-lode of gifts for my daughter-in-law under the tree at Christmas!
Thanks for all you do,

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