Learning From My Challenges
October 5, 2017
Learning From My Challenges

Dr. Laura,

My childhood gave me many challenges. I guess the thing I gained was courage. I have faced all the challenges and refused to give up even when the foundation of my upbringing challenged me most.

Through the years I have listened very intently to what you say to your callers and listened to the logic behind it. I used to think you were harsh then I realized your kindness. You are kind enough to try and make a difference in a very small amount of time on a telephone call so you have to cut through the nonsense in a hurry to get the caller heading in a better direction. Through the years I did not have the benefit of parents that made good decisions to help me through life. I was so determined to marry a good man and raise my children with a chance to do well in life. I did. 

It is true when you have to dig out of a hole to just be on equal ground with those around you success looks different, not less just different.Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM