Being Defensive
September 23, 2019
Being Defensive

Dear Dr. Laura,
The other day I read an interesting thing which made a lot of sense to me. I think you too will find it quite interesting.

Sometimes people are a lot like dogs. When a dog barks and howls, he is protecting something. So, when you are having a disagreement with someone and they start "barking and howling", you have to ask yourself...
"What are they protecting?"

To me this is a very enlightening concept. Usually when people get extremely defensive, loud and argumentative they are "protecting" something such as their way of life, their beliefs, the status quo or something else. And they don't want to change. Anyway, I thought you would find this interesting.

I listen to your show every day on Sirius/XM radio and really appreciate your point of view. I have been listening to you for many years and your common sense advice has assisted me in making difficult decisions and helping me mold a life I am now very proud of. Thank you very much for giving of yourself to help so many people in need.



Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM