Thank You For The Reminder
August 22, 2019
Thank You For The Reminder

I grew up listening to your program with my mother.  So, when I got engaged seven years ago, I bought a copy of "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" for myself!  I try to read it annually leading up to our wedding anniversary, but the last three years, the tradition slacked a bit, because I had two babies two years apart.  It's been busy and neither of my kids is fond of sleeping!

Still, I was properly caring and feeding for my husband (or so I thought) until I came to the "What's Sex?" chapter.  An opening quote from a listener reads "Sex is to a husband what conversation is to a wife."  I read that phrase to my husband the other day while we had a quiet kids-free moment in the kitchen.  He smiled, grabbed my toosh and said "Well, let's get talkin'!"  Our life has been more "smiley" since.  I am happier, and my husband's kisses are deeper like when we were dating (something I've missed).  Thanks for reminding us wives that sex really is THAT important!


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