What Mommies Are For
July 25, 2013
What Mommies Are For


I just have to share this with you, Dr. Laura.

I am a very lucky stay-at-home mommy to three great kids. Our third little one was just born, a baby boy. Recently, I was getting my oldest son, who is 5, ready for bed. He asked me why you need a mommy and a daddy to have a baby. I thought we were going to go over the technical details again. Before I could respond he quickly said, "I know! You need both because the daddy goes to work to take care of the family, so the mommy can stay home and play with the babies all day." I told him, "That is right, honey!"

What greater confirmation does a mom need? I am lucky to hear it directly from my son that I matter very, very much! Thank you for what you do Dr Laura!


Posted by Staff at 11:00 AM