The Next Chapter
October 11, 2016
The Next Chapter

Dear Dr. Laura:

I recently had a major challenge as a parent.  Last month, I dropped off my son for college out of state.  He received a basketball scholarship, which is why he went to school far away from where we live.

It turned out to be one of the hardest moments of my life!  I had him when I was a teenager, and much of my identity has been wrapped up in him.  We had never spent more than three days apart our entire lives.

But instead of being sad and depressed, I focused on what a wonderful opportunity he had been given, and how happy he had made me.  It's been a huge adjustment for me, but I know he's exactly where he needs to be, doing what he loves, and it's time for me to let him out of the nest to fly, while I get to focus on the next chapter of MY life.


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