Taking Responsibility For My Actions
September 24, 2019
Taking Responsibility For My Actions

I've been divorced for nine years.  It would have been easy to play the victim, but from listening to you, I realized I chose poorly when I married.  I am responsible for the mess I created for my two sons and for myself. 

My boys were in the second and third grade when I divorced, and listening to you, I knew the statistics were better for my kids if I didn't date or re-marry.  I wanted them to know that someone in their lives could make a promise and commitment and follow through with it.  I told them with one hundred percent certainty that I was only here for THEM and they could relax.  No dating or new families moving in. 

I even called you once because my kids were watching their dad "playing" different women.  You told me that I created this, but I couldn't control it.  However, I could comment on his behavior, which is what I did.  I told my kids why they shouldn't act like that, or sometimes, commented on when he did the right thing.  My boys are now at the tail end of high school and recently told me how important my being there was for them.  One said that without the guidance and moral foundation I provided him, he might just have drifted away. 

Ten years goes by fast, and you might just save your kids by doing this. I have one more year and both boys will be in college and then I will be able to start a new adventure. 


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