Reading to Toddlers
June 6, 2013
Reading to Toddlers

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am not a morning person! This had never been truer than when I was pregnant with my second daughter and caring for a 20 month old. Breakfast was a pain, filled with spills, whining, and general horsing around. I was tired, sick, and not really wanting to deal with this any longer when I thought, "I act up when I want attention; maybe my little one is doing the same?"

I had her help me unpack all the old books I had loved to read so much. She was drawn immediately to "Stuart Little." Sure these were not picture books, but they had enough to keep her interested. As I read to her and showed her the pictures she quietly ate her food and listened.

Both of my children are still very young and are working on their language skills.  Every morning after we say Grace, they both beg me to, "Read! Read!"

Love and Thanks,


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