May 7, 2010
The Five Characteristics of the Ideal Multiple Stream of Income
IconThe Five Characteristics of the Ideal Multiple Stream of Income by Robert G. Allen Mark Victor Hansen Ideal Multiple Sources of Income have these five characteristics: 1. Zero cash Zero cash is required. Not necessarily no cash, just not your cash. As you read in Robert Allen's classic book, 'Nothing Down' there are dozens of techniques for buying real estate with little or no money down. Business masters in all ages have been masters of the "creative non-use of cash." The great billionaire, Andrew Carnegie, bought many of his major businesses with nothing down. Even America was a nothing down deal. Columbus borrowed the money he needed from the King and Queen of Spain. You can learn how to do the same. 2. Zero risk If you don't have a lot of your own money in the deal, you dramatically lower your risk. The more successful you become the more risk adverse you will become. You will cover your assets. You will learn to use corporations, LLC's and other legal entities to lower your liability. The goal is to be risk free. 3. Zero time Zero time does not mean that you invest 'no time', it merely means that once your project is up and running, it should operate on automatic pilot. Like writing a book; your goal is to write it, market it and get it to automatic pilot as quickly as possible. Then you can concentrate on the next project or task. You focus your thinking and creative energy to design a self-perpetuating system. The ultimate goal is ongoing massive, passive cash-flow with little or no investment of your time. 4. Zero management Management is an endless 'to-do' list that absorbs your time. The objective is to outsource and delegate your work effort. Operate from your highest and best thinking. Simulate yourself as the President of the United States complete with all the resources, talent, connections and money that you could possibly use to realize your desires. 5. Zero energy Life is energy. Your invested energy is your life. You want the greatest possible returns per unit of energy invested. When your life is over will you feel rewarded or regretful? Energy well invested will give you a great return on your investment. You want high profits for your high thinking and high service. It's available. Rare is the person who thinks through these critical concepts with regard to his or her own future and fortune. Every business giant has done this 'rare' thinking and that's why we recommend the reading of business biographies and autobiographies. Learn to "zero out" your life. Contact Robert G. Allen at boballen@robertallen .com or visit his website at . Permission granted for this excerpt from the forthcoming blockbuster, One Minute Millionaire with Mark Victor Hansen, for use on

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