May 7, 2010
Isnt There More to Life Than Money?
IconIsn#146;t There More to Life Than Money? Can we talk? Let#146;s agree together that only fools think that money is everything. For us, it#146;s not even in the top three#151;miles behind friends, family, health or spiritual values. But neither is money unimportant. There are a lot of #147;good#148; people who dismiss the concept of financial success as an #147;unworthy#148; goal#151;perhaps even morally suspect. And with a title like, #147;The One Minute Millionaire,#148; we#146;re certain to raise a few eyebrows. Still, we believe that many of life#146;s greatest enjoyments and more than a few of life#146;s greatest disappointments stem from our decisions about money. Whether we experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety can depend on getting our finances under control. Relationships can be greatly affected#151;according to one study, 88% of all divorces in our society result from disagreements about money. Understanding money--how to make it and keep it#151; is important to our life, to our relationships, to our happiness, to our future. That#146;s why we wrote this book. Still, we realize that most people are simply not very good with money. Frankly, it#146;s not all that important to them. Being a loyal employee, earning a steady living and taking care of their families is all the financial success they seek. And that#146;s OK. We believe that with just a few extra minutes a week, a little more effort and a few extra dollars invested in the proper places#151;anyone and everyone can become financially successful. Even if you earn small amounts of money, you can become a millionaire on as little as a dollar a day#151;a minute at a time. We believe it#146;s worth the effort. We believe that you#146;ll be a better employee, a better family member, a better friend, a better member of society#133;if you will learn the skills of financial success. #147;One of the first ways to help the poor is to determine not to become one of them.#148; Mark Victor Hansen Then, there are those#151;about 15% of us#151;who are motivated by money. These are the entrepreneurs in our society who love to launch businesses, start companies, market products and, yes#151;make money. Lots of it. They are the bumblebees of our society. In the process of hunting for nectar#151;buzzing about from flower to flower#151;a wonderful thing happens. The entire garden gets pollinated. Bees don#146;t intend to pollinate the garden#151;but that#146;s what happens. If you#146;re one of those bumblebees, we applaud you. Whichever you are, the important thing is to be the best you can be. Money can help you get there. It can help you fulfill your purpose#151;your destiny. Just like a flower naturally strains upward to reach the sun, we too yearn to reach our full potential. Just as the butterfly breaks free from the dark cocoon, you, too, can release yourself from the things that are holding you back#151;bad habits, unrealistic fears, blind spots, laziness, perfectionism. Just like an acorn has no choice but to duplicate the exact genetic code of a perfect oak tree, we too, contain the literal, genetic blueprint of a child of God. You can learn to unleash your latent potential#151;to break free toward the true you, the real you#151; the YOU of destiny. Are you ready? copy; 2001 Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen Contact Robert G. Allen at or visit his website at Permission granted for this excerpt from the forthcoming blockbuster, One Minute Millionaire with Mark Victor Hansen for use on

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