Wow! It Really Works!
November 6, 2015
Wow! It Really Works!

Dr. Laura:

All my life, I've been around women who complain openly about their husbands, and what their men don't do for THEM.  I never joined in on the husband bashing, because compared to their "horror stories," my husband was a saint!  But over the past year, I've fallen into the "victim wife" pattern - I was disappointed, because he wouldn't make special occasions "special" enough.  He would almost never bring me flowers or other small gifts.  Then I stumbled on your book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," and it was a revelation!  It made me realize that my husband was coming home to a grouch - ME!

Last week, I tried an experiment that you mentioned in your book.  Instead of complaining about the kids driving me crazy, I instead asked him how HIS day was.  I spoke with a cheerful voice.  I didn't hang out in my pajamas all day.  I showered and fixed my hair.  I had dinner ready when he came home, and I greeted him at the door happily and not with a tirade of the day's affairs.  I took care of our baby so he could relax and enjoy his meal.  We had a wonderful romantic evening.  

The next day I continued the same behavior, and when he walked in the door from work, he had a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  All I can say is "Wow! It really works!Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful power we women have for change in our homes.


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