July 23, 2013


Dr. Laura,

Today, I was stewing in pity for myself regarding an unfair situation at work. Everything inside of me screamed that I was being betrayed and not being treated fairly. I wanted REVENGE! As I tuned into your show I was floored when the first thing you said was that you would be discussing "vengeance". It couldn’t have been better timing. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ve listened to your show on and off for several years, and recently you have been a staple companion on my lunch break. Through listening to your strong words and good advice, I’ve been able to ‘dig deep’ and get the courage to stand up for myself in many situations that I would not have otherwise done.

Regarding my work situation, I will be seeking legal counsel. However, as I’ve had time to reflect, I realize the very reason that I want revenge is because I was hurt. What I truly want is an apology. I want my employers to feel bad about how they treated me. I realize I am never going to get an apology, and they will likely never feel bad. I have concluded that the biggest "revenge" is moving on with my own life and not wasting any more energy or anger on those who wronged me.

Thank you for giving me that courage. 


Posted by Staff at 11:00 AM