May 7, 2010
Braille Transcribers: Working from Home
IconBraille Transcribers: Working from Home By Sharon von See There are many of us in this country who have "work at home" businesses as Braille transcribers. The work involved requires training and dedication. The American Foundation for the Blind and the American Printing House are working in collaboration to begin community college training courses because of the lack of Braille transcribers in the country. In the past, a visually impaired child had to wait, usually months, to have the same book that the sighted child had on the first day of school. With Braille translation software that is now available, the wait could be non-existent, if there were enough transcribers available. My own business is a success, as are the many other transcribers I know who have gone "out on their own". Of course, if we could find a voice with Dr. Laura, the children without Braille books may get them in a timely manner. Sharon von See TechAdapt, Inc. Braille Services/XML File Conversion also see: The Braille Institute only offers one 11-month transcribing class in Los Angeles. They do not currently offer classes in any other cities or states. There are many other organizations that can provide your listeners with training on how to become a Braille transcriber. Please contact the Library of Congress at 1-800-424-8567, for additional information. Permission granted for use on

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