May 7, 2010
Choosing Your Millionaire Mountain
IconChoosing Your Millionaire Mountain In the whole wide world of money there are only three major ways of becoming a millionaire. No matter what your background, you can learn to master one of these areas. Stock Market: Accumulating shares. Real Estate: Owning properties. Business: Marketing products, services or ideas We call this the Mountain Range of Wealth. There are a lot of routes to the top of each mountain. We will teach you many different models for creating wealth later on in this book. But for now, realize that you will probably reach your million-dollar goal with a combination of all three. Suppose you make a fortune in business (admittedly, this is a very large category with hundreds of ways to make money.) You#146;ll still need to invest your excess cash in the stock market or other forms of passive investment. Certainly, you will need to buy some real estate along the way#151;and if you can buy it at wholesale prices instead of retail, it can make a huge difference. For now, just be aware of the three major mountains. Make an initial #147;gut#148; decision to choose one mountain#151;something that you sense is going to be your primary investment vehicle. Suppose you were enrolled in the University of Money. Which would be your #147;major?#148; Which would be your #147;minor?#148; Which mountain interests you the most? Which one scares you the most? Imagine yourself in conversation five years from now. Try these words on for size: #147;I made my millions in real estate.#148; #147;I made my millions in the stock market.#148; #147;I made my millions in business.#148; Which one seems right to you? copy; 2001 Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen Permission granted for use on

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