May 7, 2010
Safety Home Address
IconSafety Home Address PVC address posts Steve and Jeanie Bosman Safety Home Address is a home-based business started by Steve and Jeanie Bosman. They make products for convenient address identification, which supports Emergency - 911 responders. Safety Home Address products encourage rural residents to "Sign-up For Safety" making 911 responses easier. If you called 911, could they find you?Their main product, "The Guide Post" is 30" tall, 2.5 " square PVC post. The address markers have 3" reflective white numbers on two sides facing traffic. The American tribute address post adds stars and stripes and is called "Flag Post." As well as being an address post it is an icon expressing how the American flag, America and 911 responders have become so synonymous.

Posted by Staff at 1:43 AM