May 7, 2010
Daddy's Tools of the Trade
IconDaddy's Tools of the Trade Baby Changing Tool Belt for Daddy Leanne Stevenson is owned and operated by Leanne Stevenson, a work-at-home mom. The company was started in 1998 with the product, "Daddy's Tools of the Trade" There is always the dilemma of what to get daddy for a baby shower. Worry no more... Tools of the Trade diaper changing tool belt is the ideal gift which is practical, tasteful, and useful, yet will add that touch of humor. Your new diaper changing tool belt comes stuffed with the following items: diapers, diaper cream, diaper wipes, disposable changing pad, diaper pins, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, cotton swabs goggles, nose clip and gloves There is even a bonus toy to distract the baby while Daddy is changing the diaper. All of these are conveniently located in one manly location. With this gift, Daddy will have NO excuse not to change the diapers!

Posted by Staff at 1:43 AM