May 7, 2010
Cap n' Go
IconCap n' Go Kid's Hats Alicia Gray Cap n' Go was founded by Alicia Gray. After her daughter was born, almost eight years ago, she desperately wanted to work at home. One fateful day, Alicia and her daughter were out doing errands. Her daughter was wearing a homemade hat. Everywhere they went people commented on the cute hat! From that, a business idea was born. She began making children's hats and selling them at local craft fairs. The response was tremendous. In 1996, pregnant with her second child, Alicia business suffered a setback when most of her house burned down and all inventory was lost. It took a year to recover from the devastation of the fire, but she pressed on and continued to create unique and original hats. All of these hats are extremely functional and many of the styles are reversible, have snap-on earmuffs and interchangeable bows.

Posted by Staff at 1:43 AM