May 7, 2010
Borman Designs
IconBorman Designs Personalized Baby Towels With Hoods Kelsi Borman Kelsi Borman Designs began out of necessity in late spring of 2001. In looking over her budget, one of the many things she found was that quite a bit of money was being spent on baby gifts. Kelsi wanted to continue being able to give gifts, so she decided that the best alternative was to design and make hooded baby towels. Kelsi's friends then began asking her to make towels for them to give as gifts! What started as a way to save money was quickly turning into a profitable business. So, with the encouragement of her husband Dan, Kelsi Borman Designs was born. Kelsi loves designing and making monogrammed towels and other accessories because it gives her ample opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. Kelsi Borman Designs is a creative and profitable at-home business.

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