May 7, 2010
The Gifted Baby
IconThe Gifted Baby By Lou Eftimoff One of my favorite sayings is #147;It#146;s a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milkbone underwear#148;. I have often felt that way, trying to be a mother, wife, entrepreneur, dog owner, friend, sister, businesswoman #150; you name it. But the more challenges I face, the more gumption I seem to find! The Gifted Baby website, opened in April, 2001. The concept however,started on a cocktail napkin a few months after my first child was born in October of 1999. The main principle is practical baskets. The idea, like so many other great ideas, came from a necessity in my life. Home from the hospital, I was excited to begin my new life as a #147;mom#148;. I had done my research and felt prepared to take care of this child. But I soon panicked, realizing I was without some very important baby items. I had received many wonderful gifts from my shower, but none of the daily tools that I needed now. I rushed to the store and filled the cart with bottles, nipples, onesies, burp cloths, baby wash, pacifiers, pajamas, crib pad, clippers and socks. I wondered why the baby baskets that I had received didn't contain many of these items. They only had a few #147;no-name#148; things and I didn't have much use for another picture frame and teddy bear. Plus I couldn't fit yet another useless basket on top of my refrigerator. Thus, The Gifted Baby was created. Name brand products in functional containers. My #147;baby baskets#148; are actually in sensible containers, such as Rubbermaid bowls, IRIS plastic mesh baskets, storage boxes, Samsonite diaper bags and a Century baby bathtub. There are 14 theme gifts with all the necessities parents and babies need Plus, all the products are from trusted makers such as Gerber, Playtex, The First Years, Sassy, Safety 1stand more. The idea may sound simple, but organizing the company and creating the website was much more difficult. I think the hardest part was trying to do everything during my kids' naptime and after 9:00pm. My advice to those wanting to start a business is not to give into frustration, especially when time and energy are the cause. It will happen, just not over night. After all it took nine months to make a baby! Eventually, as your kids get older and that late night feeding is gone, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time spent with my children is priceless and has given me so many memories. The biggest adjustment on my family, as many stay-at-home parents can relate, was the change in income. My husband has taken on the burden of all of our expenses. But we've found ways to cut back. At this point, marketing and promoting my site is my main goal. I was able to use my savings to start my business but made the mistake of leaving very little money for #147;advertising#148;. I'm doing my best to join organizations, attend luncheons, do #147;craft fairs#148;, fax flyers, mail letters, email friends and relatives, and list my site on various search engines. I've had the fortune to #147;piggyback#148; onto my husbands work phone line, answering machine, fax, and copier. He also works out of the house so that has been a great help with my business expenses. Although I was thrilled to become a stay-at-home mom, I knew I would have to adapt. I thought I was giving up my career and secluding myself in the house. As I look at my life now, I#146;ve simply chosen a different career. And I#146;m far from becoming a hermit. In fact, I enjoy finding new things to do outside my home, whether it#146;s work related or not. My previous work experience in public relations, special events, and fundraising has helped give me the knowledge to plunge forward with this company. But the truth is, I had never even created a basket before! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Lou Eftimoff runs the Gifted Baby right from her house and is a mother of two, and they're trying for her third. Her website is Permission Granted For Use On

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