May 7, 2010 By Fasi Filiaga I wanted to let you know about a home school project that has turned into a home-based business called iHomeSchool. The failures of Public schools and even for that matter, Private schools, brought some serious in-depth soul searching, for my wife and , I about our children's education. So, I'm going to begin by addressing the issue of education from my personal perspective. The Issue I am the product of Public schools. My views on education and the predominant views that I see from children attending Public schools today are on different ends of the spectrum. When I attended school in the 1970's, my first concern was getting an education and receiving good grades so that I could attend the college of my choice. In return, I believe that the school I attended wanted the same and therefore curriculum and activities where supportive. Today, I see and experience something completely different. Kids go to school, in my opinion, to "socialize". (This issue of socialization, by the way, is the major objection that I get when I talk about Home Schooling - and it is by far overrated). It also seems that Public schools center education on politically correct issues and ideologies - a "feel good" policy (this indoctrinates them with values completely opposite the traditional Judeo-Christian values that I hold dear) - rather than offering an education that gives children basic reading, writing, and math skills. The Challenge Here was my dilemma. Public schools offered limited educational value and Private schools offered much of the same but were also cost prohibitive (I do realize that there are many exceptions to the rule and Private schools offer good alternatives). My wife and I had been discussing Public vs. Private schools for over a year. When I mentioned home schooling it brought up other challenges: 1) my wife did not feel that she had the skills and resources to adequately home school, and 2) I felt that I had the ability to home school, but I am the sole income earner for our family. Nevertheless, our conclusion was that Home Schooling would be the best solution for our Children. The Solution So, rather than dwell on the negative, I started a project called iHomeSchool. I have been working in an industry that provides training to the corporate world and this industry has been using interactive technologies to deliver classes on the Internet since 1997. (Granted, the technology improves as rapidly as most computer technology and as a result, costs have come down substantially.) With the above in mind, I asked myself, "Why can't I put together a product that brings an alternative educational resource to parents that have the same challenges as I"? Well, after about six months of asking questions, developing relationships and partnerships I developed a viable solution. iHomeSchool provides to parents four specific solutions all related to home schooling. It offers all the tools, skills, and resources parents need to home school and they include: 1) an online Virtual Private School, 2) Tutoring Services, 3) a Do-it-Yourself program, and 4) an iHS Learning Center for groups and large families (this particular solution can also be a nice home based business as well). Parents are intimately involved in their child's education; iHomeSchool provides K-12 curriculum and course lessons and the parents provide moral and religious teachings. In addition to the K-12 home school solutions, I also wanted to address post-secondary education and college planning. For that purpose, I've teamed up with a Broker from Dreher Associates, Inc., an Investment Securities Firm out of the Chicago Illinois area. Five percent (5%) of a students tuition (for iHomeSchool's first two programs only) will be set aside for enrolled students and controlled by each students' parents using Education IRA's and State 529 programs. In Summary I have to admit that this project was and continues to be a bigger undertaking than I had first envisioned, however, the nice part of this whole project is that it is allowing me to resign from my job to educate my own children and to work from home. When you get a chance, please view my Website at Fasi Filiaga (877)256-6914 ext. 258 Permission granted for use on

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