May 7, 2010
Get The Legal Edge Working At Home
IconGet The Legal Edge Working At Home By Jill Garcia Moms, Dads want to stay at home? Here is my formula. Get The Legal Edge Working At Home It too was my dream to stay at home with my daughter. I tried operating adaycare but WOW not my thing. I was at home but there was no real time forjust me, and my daughter. So I began looking around for a job that wouldallow me to make ends meet and keep my priorities of being a 110% Momfufilled! An old family friend came out of the woodwork and introduced me toa business that allows me to work around my little bunchkins hours. Mybusiness has expanded into the US from Canada and soon our company will bemoving into Britain as well. This is a sales job but it is the easiest thingI have ever done. No Kidding! I help Middle Income North Americans protect their legal rights. Thataccounts for 80% of us living in North America. The other 20%, is 10% thatcan afford to have a lawyer on retainer. The other 10% have access to legalaid. That leaves the rest of us too timid to contact a lawyer, knowing thatwe will have to pay them in excess, of $150 - 200/hour. So, we usuallyignore the problem or try to handle the situation personally. We want tobelieve that Equal Justice under the Law is a reality. Well, now it is withPre-Paid Legal Services Inc. For a small monthly fee you have unlimitedaccess to the provider attourney in your state or province. That includes aWill and Power of Attourney, plus many other benefits (too long to list themall) at no additional- charge. It is a no brainer that most of us need thiskind of protection. So far in this business, I have been making a niceliving just by contacting my friends, family, neighbours and small businessowners all in my backyard. I get paid three years advance commission andbonuses here and there so, Prepaid Legal is my perfect Home Based Business. Prepaid Legal began in 1972 and started trading on the NASDAQ shortly thereafter. PPL is now the 33rd fastest growing company on the NYSE (PPD-US). Weare growing by leaps, and bounds, now is the time to get in. People aresaying that this is a Trillion-dollar Industry. The figures and charts speakfor themselves. We live in a litigious society but the majority of us do nothave the money or means to protect our rights. All that has changed now. Iam enjoying the growth of my daughter and the growth of my business with thiscompany. I enjoy incredible compensation just by simply letting people knowthat this service exsists. Picture this demand, only 1 in 10 people knowabout Pre-Paid Legal services. 52% of all households need legal protectionright now and only 10% of society can afford the alternative to a Pre-PaidLegal membership. So what does that tell you? The product is in demand. Today 80% of Europeans enjoy some form of a Pre-Paid Legal membership. NorthAmerica now has 1.5 million families enrolled and the demand for it increaseseveryday. I saw the opportunity to make a living while being a stay-at-homeMom so I grabbed it, and now I would like to share it with you. Everyday that I can help another person protect their legal rights is a goodday. They get the help they need at a reasonable price. I get to spend theimportant years with my daughter, and I am paid more money selling onemembership than if I were to go out and get a J.O.B. (Just over broke). Theopportunity is limitless and the potential for my daughter is now limitlessbecause she gets her Mom full time! I can only hope that this letter mayhelp someone that is in the same position that I was in One Year ago. If you would like information on how you too could benefit please e-mail me or visit my site , or email me at . Permission granted for use on

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