May 7, 2010
The Gifted Work-At-Home Parent
IconTHE GIFTED WORK-AT-HOME PARENT By Cheryl Gochnauer Every week, I receive emails from parents who want to trade in their 8 to 5jobs for work-at-home opportunities. I continually hear this phrase: "Idon't really know what I want to do - but I know it's not sales!" That probably disappoints a lot of companies seeking trainees who will jointhem in marketing everything from software to cooking supplies. But I'mhappy to hear these prospective work-at-home parents whittling down theirprospects. After all, it's no good to jump into something, then jump rightback out again when you realize it's not for you. If I could ask one question of everyone who wonders what they should do, itwould be, "What is your gift?" Everybody has a gift. Some gifts are moreobvious than others, but we've all got at least one. The key to choosing asuccessful at-home business is matching your gift - including sales, ifthat's your specialty - with your endeavor. For instance, though my ministry revolves around parenting, I'd last about 3hours as a daycare provider. I've always been great at spelling, grammarand telling stories, however - all natural assets for a writer. Someone whoknows me well is more likely to recommend me as a freelancer than as ababysitter. Not sure what your gift is? Often other people spot our strengths longbefore we see them in ourselves. Sit down with a friend, your spouse, yourparents - anyone who has known you for a long time; someone you can trust tobe truthful with you. Ask what gifts they see in you; things you're goodat, areas where you excel. As you listen to their answers, mentally test their observations againstwhat you know about yourself. When the comments ring true, write them down.This is a solid lead. Now concentrate your search on jobs that complimentyour personality and giftedness. Depending upon the opportunities available in your area, you may or may notbe able to find that perfect match. But having an idea of where yourstrengths - and weaknesses - lie will help you in your search. (Comments? Email . Also stop by . Her book, " So You Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom ," isavailable through Dr. Laura#146;s Reading Corner . Copyright2001 Homebodies.Org, LLC. Permission granted for use on

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