May 7, 2010
Master the Pitfalls of Your Home Business
IconMaster the Pitfalls of Your Home Business Christine Kloser Ok, you made the choice to leave the SAFE job and venture out on your own. Now what? You know your experience or product and understand the inner workings of your industry. The product or service is ready and you have spent time on your materials, brochures and website. You are ready for business#133;Monday comes and you are staring at the phone waiting for customers#133;this is the place that most at-home and small businesses fall short#133;MARKETING! Isn#146;t it funny that we spend all the time in preparation of who we are, what our product will provide but not who is the customer and where do I find them? What are the different cost-effective channels of marketing? What#146;s the best use of my resources? What are ways to reach my target market with a message that will generate sales? Don#146;t use demographics and agency research#133;you know who your buyer is, and only you understand the habits and day to day patterns. Industry related websites are usually good resources. We now have this amazing tool called the Internet. Find ways to use the Internet as a cost-effective means to reach your target market. Identify the problem that you are a solution for; let websites and the media know that you have a solution of value for their readers and you#146;d like to submit an article (or would they write about you?). Articles and PR are THE most cost-effective adverting a small business can use to get great exposure. Be willing to be creative and to think outside the box. Attend seminars where you can network with people like you who have relationships that could be valuable. Get out of the house or office and find new customers, business will not come to you until you get the word out there#151;and don#146;t be afraid to ask people who have used your service or product for referrals. Christine Kloser, founder of the Network for Empowering Women, educates, inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs to start and expand their business and turn their dreams into reality! NEW is one of the fastest growing organizations of its kind and the only one that dedicates itself to helping women make money AND MAKE A DIFERENCE. Christine can be reached at or by calling (310) 745-0794. Get her FREE newsletter, or find an upcoming workshop or teleseminar at . Permission granted for use on

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