Not a Single Mom, but a Proud Military Spouse!
June 5, 2012
Not a Single Mom, but a Proud Military Spouse!

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am the proud mom of a seven-week-old daughter and girlfriend of my husband of over four-years.

My husband serves in the United States Air Force and travels often. In the past seven-weeks, the importance of raising children in a home with a mommy and daddy has become ever more clear to me. Single-parent friends remark that I am "one of them" when my husband travels. I could not disagree more. I am a military spouse --confident, capable, and able to run a household while my man is away, but by no means does that make me a single mom.

I am blessed. When my husband is defending our country and travels for work, his values --  our values -- are with me. I know that when my husband has a chance to call or email, he will help me make decisions about raising our daughter, support decisions I already made, provide the vote of confidence I need to make it through a long day (and night), talk to our little one so she can hear his voice, and remind us how much he loves us and is here for us.

He does this while providing for and protecting our family.  I love and adore him.

He may not walk through the door every night, but his presence, support, opinion, encouragement, and love are felt everyday - all day.

As he gets ready to leave for two months, I will cry (it never gets easier despite what "they" say).  I miss him so much it sometimes hurts, but most of my tears are happy ones. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend and to share unconditional love and support with him.

Many thanks for your support of the military and spouses everywhere!

With Gratitude,

Air Force Mom & Girlfriend, Amanda

PS: My daughter and I listen to your podcast on daily walks. I hope your knowledge and advice sinks into her infant subconscious!

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