June 29, 2011
What Issues with Drinking Did I Have as a Teen?
IconYou asked us: What issues with drinking did you have as a teen? My answer: Absolutely none.

I was raised in a household where liquor was never in the house. I have no clear recollections of my dad ever drinking while my mother will occasionally have a Bailey's & Coffee when out for special occasions. I had tried alcohol a time or two before under parental supervision (Mudslides were made at a family BBQ) but aside from that I never imbibed.

My parents made it clear what behavior they expected from me. Under no circumstances would smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs every be tolerated. In fact, my parents had always told me their expectations of me no matter the age. They actually parented if you believe it or not.

You may wonder why I'm writing… I'm writing in defiance of those out there who say "kids are going to drink anyway, so I may as well provide it" or other such ridiculous things. I stood firm in my decision to not drink as an underage teen. I liked it when my peers attempted to make fun of me at parties and I got to make little retorts about all the reasons I abstained from alcohol, making them feel foolish (you always have the upper hand in an argument when the other person slurs their words). I never had to wake up the next morning wondering what happened the night before, I never had to worry about my safety as I was always the designated driver and I never had to worry about date rape because I was always in control. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for many of my friends.

I watched my friends experience abortions, car accidents and fights that resulted in lost friends or partners because of alcohol. But because I had parents who raised me correctly, were persistent in telling me what they expected and above all told me to ALWAYS be comfortable with who I am and the morals I have these "teen drinking issues" were only observances, not experiences. And I thank them for that.


Posted by Staff at 12:00 AM