Nature vs. Nurture
December 14, 2017
Nature vs. Nurture

I am a 25 year old newly married 5th grade teacher. I listen to your show at lunchtime while I grade papers. My husband and I, partly because of you, have already made plans for me to sub part-time once we have our kids next year so that way one of us is always home with the kidlets (He is a fireman so he can take care of them on his days off).

I have two stories to share. The first is touching, the second is telling.

Our class was discussing the meaning of the word hereditary because it was in the story we were reading. The students were coming up with examples of things they inherit from their parents like their eyes, hair color, height, etc.  I also explained to them negative things can be passed down through heredity such as risks for cancer, etc. Then one of my male students added to our discussion "Oh, you mean like being an alcoholic." (How heartbreaking!!) I responded saying the comment was incorrect because alcoholism is a choice. Then I looked directly at him, touched him on the shoulder and again said "Do you understand, that is a choice people make." And to think parents don't believe what they do at home affects their children.

The second story is telling for those folks who don't think there are any differences between girls and boys.

We were learning about the pioneers and were reading a story where a family of pioneer children were left alone while their father traveled ahead to find a place to settle. I let them choose groups (which ended up being groups of boys and girls) to discuss and write about how they would feel and what they would do if they were left alone in the wilderness. The girls groups said they would feel scared and would want their brothers to protect them! The boys groups said they would feel brave, would protect their families, and would go hunt for food! How is that for different instincts!

Thank you for all you do to advance to esteem and value of stay-at-home moms which I hope to be very soon!

My husband's girlfriend, new wife, and 5th grade teacher

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