July 22, 2011
I Am a Happy Daughter

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am 14 years old and am a huge fan of your program. I wanted to thank you for all you do, because thanks to you I have an excellent mother. My parents are divorced. My father would explode into rages often and yell until my brother and I cried. Therefore, for obvious reasons, in order to protect my brother and me, we decided to leave. During the process of the divorce, while we still had to live with him, my father became very depressed. One day while my mother was at work he attempted suicide by overdosing on medication. With impeccable timing, my mother happened to return home just as he got in his car and tried to drive away. She called the police, and fortunately we lived one block from the station. The officers caught him just as he pulled out of the driveway. My mother probably saved his life, as well as possibly another driver's life that day.

My father always made me feel unloved and unwanted, and made an effort to be overly critical and to make me feel bad for not being perfect. On the other hand, my mother always works hard to make sure I know how much she loves me. We have a close relationship, and she uses your advice to keep me in line when needed. Even now, she works nearly every day, helps my paraplegic grandmother, and goes to school to become a nurse, yet she still always has time to sit and talk to my brother and me, share stories about our days, attend school functions, have family board game nights, and to be an incredible mother. Even on days when she is worn out and has nothing left to give, she makes sure to remind us that being our mom is her favorite thing to do. As you can see, my mother is incredible. She has become both parents for my brother and me and raised us practically on her own, thanks to your guidance and good advice.

When she first handed me a copy of your book,"10 Stupid Things Women do to Mess up Their Lives," I read it in order to make sure I am prepared for my future and don't "mess up my life." However, as I read it, I was astounded to realize I had heard many of these lessons already from my mom! I guess the reason she gave it to me was so I wouldn't fall into a trap and search for a daddy figure in the man I marry someday, and thanks to you and her I feel confident I will find a good husband who will make me and my future children feel loved, secure, safe, and happy. Thanks to you, Dr. Laura, I have my own Dr. Laura right here: my mom.

We even have your talking doll, and we found a special Harley Motorcycle outfit, complete with helmet and leather jacket for it. We listen to your program by the hour through live streaming because we love hearing what you have to say. Thank you for all that you do, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



Posted by Staff at 4:00 PM